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Here it is about buy fossils and fossils for sale and about fossil shopping.  All this is of course related to the study and the collecting of fossils. Fossils are a window in the history of life. They allow us to witness evolution. Fossils are present thou the approximately 3.5 billion years of life on our planet.

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Fossils for sale and seller of fossils.

Fossils have been for sale and have been collected before the systematic science of Palaeontology. In fact the first palaeontologist where fossil collectors and also dealers of fossils. The most popular example is might be Mary Anning. Mary Anning  is literary referred as fossil collector, dealer, and palaeontologist.

Joachim Barrande as a other example was also know to collect and buy fossils. He was a famous palaeontologist and a fossil collector. In fact he had a private collection. Also today private collections host the majority of fossil heritage.  In fact the commercial value of fossils is of immense importance for the Palaeontology it self. Without the value as a collectible fossil for sale many imported finds would not been made or preserved. If we just look at the history of the Archaeopteryx fossil, one of the most iconic finds of palaeontology and evolution.  Archaeopteryx was and still is a high demanded fossil for sale. They would have not been preserved without the value as a collectible. Beside there scientific and financial value are Archaeopteryx Fossils just a slap of Solnhofen limestone that is not usable as building material. If you go today to a national history museum it is very likely that the most spectacular fossils where ether sold or donated to the Museum. In both cases the fossil was been excavated ether by fossil collectors or dealers with the intention to selling the fossil. Sometimes it seems plausible and very necessary that the collecting and selling of fossils need restrictions. Any reasonable person can see that. But it has also to kept in mind that scince needs fossil collectors, a resposetory of private collections and of course also the selling of fossils as a motor of innovation .